23 December, 2009 - Learning Guitar by Software

if you’re out of ideas or just don’t wanna bother with arrangements of your favourite songs. 

LickByNeck software is an ideal medium for interactive guitar teaching. Everyone from beginners to advance players will have no problem learning guitar line by watching the on-screen animated guitar fretboard.

Over 1000 guitar tabs with mp3 is here with 7 categories of music
Solo Jazz Guitar, Solo Pop Guitar, Classical Guitar, Accompaniment Guitar, Asian Tunes, Solo X’mas Guitar, World Tunes
you can hear, download and play it for free

“Learn guitar by watching animated fretboard! No musical notation or guitar TAB reading required.
Attention guitar instructors: Most of the guitar player love to learn more tricks but hate to READ. Let’s share your playing visually! Create your own LickByNeck visual lessons/song"

find it here

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